From: Franchise Liaison Dept.
To: (insert name), SF Bay Area Ghosbusters

Re: Welcome to your new business!

Dear (insert name),

Welcome to the exciting world of professional paranormal investigations and eliminations. Ever since we started in 1986, Ghostbusters have been the leading authority in paranormal study and containment. We have since then been branching out of our New York location and are proud to to expand into your area.

Enclosed are the necessary paperwork and liability waivers that you and each of your new employees will need to fill out and sign. Please email scanned copies as soon as possible to the home office so we can get you in the system.

Happy busting.

Jennine Melnitz, V.P. of Personel

After that, take a look at your wiki. There is some more helpful info there.

SF Bay Area Ghostbusters